UK Exquisite Fake Rolex Day Date 36 Watches For Sale

Day Date has been one of the most popular series of Rolex since it came out. In this year’s Baselworld, the luxury watch brand pushed out several brand-new watches copy Rolex Day Date.

The 18ct white gold fake watches have blue dials.
Blue Dials Fake Rolex Day Date 36 128239 Watches

The first edition I’d like to share is the green dials replica Rolex Day Date 36 128238 watches. Rolex has few editions with green dials. Once green dials editions launched, they became hot products. Green has a special charm and it is the typical color of Rolex. Besides, this edition is made from 18ct gold. This luxury material is the most welcome one of Rolex. Except for day and date windows, there are diamond and sapphire hour marks on the green sundust dials.

Similar with ref.128238, ref.128239 is made from 18ct white gold and has green sundust dial with diamond and sapphire hour marks.

The 18ct everose gold copy watches have diamond-paved dials.
Diamond-paved Dials Copy Rolex Day Date 36 128235RBR Watches

However, the one most attract me is the 18ct everose gold watches fake Rolex Day Date 36 128235RBR. The pink alloy can keep the gloss of Rolex. And this edition is decorated with diamonds on the bezel, bracelet and dial. On the diamond-paved dial, there are attractive colorful rectangle cutting sapphire hour marks.